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Portage Bay/Roanoke Park Community Council Meeting Minutes


January 15, 2018


Queen City Yacht Club


Agenda & 2018 Goals


Attendees:          Anne Preston, Barbara Krieger, John Gaines, Wendy Delaunay, Pete Delaunay, and Nancy Hutchins.


Absent:                Fran Conley. Fran provided draft priorities for the group in her absence.


Meeting Called to Order               Pete Delaunay, President                                            7:03 PM


Purpose of the meeting was to establish 2018 goals for the Portage Bay Roanoke Community.


Discussion of Ongoing Issues focused on three main goals for the year:

  • Concern for outreach to new families;

  • Desire to have some focus on “fun” activities; and

  • Improved, ongoing communication with the neighborhood.


The following was agreed upon:

  • A general membership meeting should be requested with the King County Assessor, John Wilson, towards the end of February. Purpose of the meeting is to discuss property tax assessment particularly with the SR 520 Bridge Project.

  • Questions: (1) What is the process and procedure to get an adjustment during the multiple year 520 project construction? (2) How repeated levy approvals have increased single family housing taxes? (3) How the assessment increases add dollars to levies?


Other upcoming events planned for year with dates/logistics to follow:

  • Bird Seed Saturday – Eric Kowalczyk will share information about our native birds in Portage Bay during a continental breakfast and lead a bird walk.

  • New Fire House Welcome Tours: See the fire trucks and an ice cream social.

  • Pancake Breakfast featuring the Seattle Office of Emergency Management.

  • Neighborhood Spring Clean Up followed by a pancake breakfast/brunch, lunch, or barbecue

  • Roanoke Park Annual Picnic with music and barbecue



  • Pete: Finalize logistics with John Wilson for Februarymeeting

  • Fran and Anne: Monthly Forum Newsletter

  • Anne: Bird Seed Saturday Organization

  • TBD: New Fire House Welcome Tour

  • TBD: Pancake Breakfast with Seattle Office of Emergency Management

  • Barabara: Community Bulletin Board at Little Lago

  • Barbara: Explore Fundtin for Roanoke Park Maintenance

  • TBD: Spring Clean Up and Food

  • TBD: Roanoke Park Annual Picnic


Ongoing Committees

  • SR 520 Oversight Committee: Pete, Carl, Barbara


Other Areas of Concern

  • Homelessness Impacts to Neighborhood

  • Traffic, Safety, and Noise Impacts to Neighborhood


Meeting Adjourned                         Pete Delaunay, President                                            8:00 PM




The Next PBRP Board Meeting will be held in two weeks, date and time TBD.


Meeting Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Nancy Hutchins

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