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The Portage Bay Wetland

The shallow, dark water of the Bay
is bedecked with lily pads.
Their fragrant, full blossoms
and the thick, green foliage
float freely in the wetland.

Stems reach deep below
rooting in the muddy depths,
holding fast and strong.
Balanced on old wooden stumps
Cormorants dry their wings.

Mallards, no longer shy,
swim and feed,
finding their way gracefully
through the thick tangle.
Habitat is rich for all who come.

Beavers swim here too.
They've built a lodge of sticks,
dragged from the shoreline's edge,
and piled them high
to make their home.

Frogs and turtles sun themselves
on old logs that float beside the shore.
Herons stand like graceful statues,
then fly away making
gawking, awkward sounds.

Traffic roars incessantly and 
spews it's toxic fumes.
Piers pierce the lilied water.
The Colossal, Concrete Highway
casts its shadow on all below

                                                          Written by Joan Stewart
                                                          Portage Bay Resident
                                                          October 5, 2011

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