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RESPECT SEATTLE.ORG was established by five Seattle neighborhoods, the recreational boating community and others to remind government officials of their commitments to mitigate the impact of these projects on Seattle neighborhoods and for those using Seattle surface streets.




RESPECT SEATTLE web pages will provide accurate information about planned construction, and offer suggestions to help ensure these projects provide benefits to the City of Seattle as well as regional transportation stakeholders.




RESPECT SEATTLE strives to strike a balance between the need to enhance regional transportation with the SR520 bridge replacement and surface street safety for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.




RESPECT SEATTLE will join city and state officials with the state Legislature to ensure sufficient mitigation funding before construction starts.




RESPECT SEATTLE will periodically publish an e-Newsletter with current information about projects, and progress RESPECT SEATTLE representatives are making with city and state officials.




Sign up and join RESPECT SEATTLE as an evolving collaboration between the citizens of Seattle and our city/state government for best transportation choices for our 21st century city.




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