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The Portage Bay/Roanoke Park neighborhood is located from east to west between the shoreline of Portage Bay and Interstate 5, and from north to south between Delmar and the University Bridge. is our neighborhood website where you will find information about our council, access to our neighborhood forum and photo gallery of our neighborhood.


Portage Bay Roanoke Park Community Council meeting notices are posted on this website and through the FORUM

(, an online message board for our Seattle neighborhood, allowing members to post news, events, and issues of interest to Portage Bay, Roanoke Park and the surrounding community. Meetings are held alternatively at St. Patrick’s Church, 2702 Broadway Ave. E., and the Queen City Yacht Club, 2608 Boyer Ave. E.


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Community Council Picnic/Potluck

The Portage Bay Roanoke Park Community Council Picnic/Potluck is an annual event every August where neighbors and families gather for food, fun and games.