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Portage Bay/Roanoke Park Community Council Minutes


November 9, 2016

St. Patrick’s Social Hall

Agenda and Notes


6:30 PM               Welcome                                                               Pete Delaunay, President


SR520 Bridge Replacement Project                                                 Sheree Wen, City of Medina Deputy Mayor


  • Medina’s understated consequences with the completion of the east side bridge is the noise level from the expansion joints. The community is working with the state on “best solutions” for the east side.

  • The west side has a different design for the bridge expansion joints which should be quieter.


SR520 Bridge Replacement Project Overview                              Fran Conley


Major Issues

  • The community hasn’t been successful in getting the city to do a traffic and safety plan affected by the SR520 project. There will be 12 years of construction as well as congestion after completion of the project which has traffic congestion and safety issues.

  • There is no plan for the use of space under SR520 near Boyer. This space will be much wider with the construction.

  • Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and the city have a non-disclosure agreement which means that both parties will not answer our questions.

  • In 2011 the Federal government issued a Record of Decision (ROD) approving the environmental documents which described the SR520 project. However, we are aware of major changes to the approved plan and have tried working with the city and state to get answers. 

  • The changes below are proposals made after the ROD and without the required public disclosure and discussion:

    • Lighting on the Floating Bridge

    • Demolition at Kenmore and on Barges in the Lake

    • Dramatic increase in bottom sediment disturbance related to demolition

    • Rubblization of columns into the water and bottom sediments

    • Raising the Montlake intersection

    • Acquisition of Montlake Market and 76 Gas Station

    • Cost of limited coordination with future METRO sewer projects

    • Removal of sound absorbing materials from Portage Bay Viaduct?

    • Increase in the width of the Portage Bay Viaduct from four to 6 lanes under the guise of “breakdown lane” and HOV Lane?

    • Questionable WSDOT commitment to 45 mph speed limit on the Portage Bay viaduct?

  • WSDOT has not been open for discussion about the dramatic changes proposed for demolishing and dredging or excavation in Portage Bay, or related issues of water quality and sediment.

  • The community has been told that the new bridge will be under a Design Build status to be turned over to a contractor. This is a major change from the agreed upon outside expert in designing new bridges in historically sensitive areas.

  • Montlake Intersection to be increased from 5 to 11 feet higher than it is now.

  • Sewer system near Montlake Market will require more space and may be among the reasons for the increased height of the intersection.

  • Montlake Market to be removed or restricted with property used as a construction site.

  • Montlake lid and bike/pedestrian paths to be changed.

  • Bill Dawson Trail to be changed.

  • Portage Bay Bridge to be moved north with an additional bike/pedestrian lane.Next Steps

  • More visits to state and city officials

  • Toxicology study

  • Legal negotiation

  • More political persuading with emails, outreach to other groups, etc.

  • Continued communication with key players: Frank Chopp, mayor, city council, governor, etc.

  • Need for an independent party to assist in addressing our issues and concerns with the Governor, state and city.

  • Sign-up sheets were distributed to get more community members involved in addressing the many related SR520 issues. Contact Fran Conley of your interest and support if you have not already done so.  Fran’s email:


METRO Alternative Services Pilot Program                                   Anne Preston


  • Continued work with Council Member Larry Gossett regarding the cancellation of METRO #25.

  • METRO is requesting communities to apply for pilot programs.  One pilot has been funded. Priority for funding is to communities with the greatest need to get people to work and/or children to school.


Eastlake Urban Village Boundary Coming East                            Maureen Cantano & Susanna Lin


  • The Eastlake boundary is not expanding east today.

  • The Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) may impact our community with upcoming zoning changes and possible future rapid transit.


University of Washington’s Master Plan                                       John Gaines, Treasurer



8:00 PM               Adjournment of Meeting

                            Pete Delaunay, President

Portage Bay/Roanoke Park Community Council Meeting Minutes

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