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The Portage Bay Roanoke Park Community Council has worked with city and state officials for many years to mitigate impacts of Interstate 5 and SR 520 construction.  Our hope is to ensure that sufficient mitigation funding is available, and that WSDOT/contractors respect our unique urban environment.

Montlake, Portage Bay and Roanoke Park neighbors hope to

  • Reduce impacts during construction of SR520

  • Ease impacts on city surface streets

  • Provide mitigation funding for a lid extending Roanoke Park

  • Develop a retro-fit plan for the Portage Bay Viaduct portion of SR 520 saving funding to more urgent transportation priorities

  • Provide mitigation funding for reclamation of South Portage Bay following 40 years of silt build up caused by runoff from open drain pipes the bridge deck directly into Portage Bay.

  • Thorough review of expected health impacts from vehicles emissions that will cause more carbon particulate in Montlake, Madison Park, Laurelhurst, North Capital Hill, the boating facilities and Portage Bay.



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