Volunteer Opportunities

Join your neighbors to help take care of our beautiful neighborhood

Roanoke Park

Roanoke Park is a 2.2-acre oasis in our neighborhood, home to hundreds of trees and shrubs, a playground and sandbox, open lawns, a basketball hoop, picnic tables and park benches.

Seattle’s Parks Department empties the trash and cuts the grass – and that’s about it! Everything else
required to keep this park looking beautiful is done by neighborhood volunteers.

If you are interested in helping out in any way, please contact Jim Simpkins: simpkins.jim@gmail.com

South Portage Bay Park & Habitat

Since 2007, Leon and Anne Preston have helped lead a volunteer effort to reclaim the South Portage Bay
abandoned city waterfront land. This all volunteer effort has helped maintain the park by creating a native
habitat for more than 85 species of wildlife in the heart of the city.


We need you!

Volunteers are needed to keep this community park from becoming overgrown once again.


To learn more about the park and how you can help out as a volunteer, contact Anne Preston: annevpreston@gmail.com

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