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Portage Bay/Roanoke Park Community Council Minutes

Monday, October 27, 2014

6:30 PM at the Queen City Yacht Club


Pete Delaunay, Council president opened the meeting at 6:35 PM


Treasurer’s report submitted but not read by Walter Oelwein, Treasurer

Overall Balance                 $20,106.88

General Funds Available   $4,184.47

Roanoke Park Fund           $1,050.57

Astrid Park Fund                $1,310.97

Elms Fund                         $13,560.87


Minutes from May 13, 2014 May be read on the website


Introduction of  Special Visitors  Pete Delaunay


In attendance were:   Julie Neuhart, President of the Montlake Community Council

                                  John Rogers, Vice-Commodore of the Queen City Yacht Club

                                  John O’Neil, from Seattle Prep

                                 John Barker, Landscape Architect


Fuhrman-Boyer Traffic Calming Report Anne Preston & Karen Lang


Montlake and Portage Bay/Roanoke Park neighbors are petitioning the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to address increased traffic speed and safety threats on Fuhrman  Ave. from Eastlake, transitioning to Boyer Ave E. to 24th Ave E. 

Anne Preston announced that there is good energy behind this effort.  She encouraged

people to sign up for updates, notices and to insure that your comments about Fuhrman-Boyer and other surface streets in our neighborhood, including traffic calming issues on

Harvard Ave., Roanoke Street and Delmar Drive are included in planning meetings with



Karen Lang, who lives on Fuhrman Ave., expressed her concern over the increase in the speed of traffic along Fuhrman and Boyer during daytime hours. She suggested that two LED Radar signs might help to slow down speeding traffic.  An additional help for pedestrians might be to provide orange flags to be used at cross walks. Karen circulated a petition that neighbors need to sign in order to engage with  SDOT over this issue. All homeowners and rental tenants living on  Boyer, Fuhrman or Delmar are encouraged to sign the petition that is posted on the Forum and on the PB/RPCC website.  Neighbors living on adjoining streets are encouraged to sign, as well, since concern about traffic is a neighborhood issue.  We need lots of signatures in order to request and schedule a meeting with SDOT.


Spider Kedelsky announced that he and his wife, Joan, have arranged to have the tree in

the traffic circle at Fuhrman/Boyer and Shelby trimmed as soon as the leaves drop.  This

will help to provide better visibility.  They are committed to maintaining this area in the future.


Penny Lewis suggested that the impacted neighborhoods make an agreement, now, with SDOT regarding traffic and road impacts during and after the construction period of SR 520.  Pete added that PB/RP CC has a productive connection to SDOT through our

Representative Lyle Bicknell


Block Watch, Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Barbara Krieger           


The PB/PR CC is seeking volunteers who will sign up to help with Block Watch and Disaster and Emergency Preparedness.  An orientation and “PanQuake Breakfast” will be held at the Queen City Yacht Club for volunteers who sign up to help with these programs.  Barbara emphasized that although each household must be responsible for its own safety and well being in an emergency or disaster, we also need to know our neighbors, be alert to any unusual activities in the neighborhood as well as to be supportive of neighbors in need of help. Our neighborhood can be a pilot program for combining Block Watch and Disaster and Emergency Preparedness.  Barbara distributed

several helpful handouts about home safety in many different challenging conditions. There are several links to this information:


http://makeit  “Two Hands” power point in King County


SR 520 Portage Bay Area Public Trail Access Carl Stixrood

Neighborhood Grant S14032


“The Portage Bay/Roanoke Park Community Council applied for and has been awarded a Neighborhood Matching Grant to prepare a landscape plan that identifies Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) measures for a public access trail from Delmar Dr. under SR 520, across Boyer Ave. to the Portage bay shoreline.  Tonight is the first of three public meetings to learn about the grant, meet the selected Landscape

Architect, John Barker, from Barker Landscape Architects, and set the agenda for the next public meeting where  SDOT/Prep/City guidelines will be reviewed and preliminary concepts will be discussed.”


Carl introduced Landscape Architect, John Barker, who is enthusiastic about working once again on a project in our neighborhood.  He has previously worked with our community in developing the Portage Bay Shoreline Park and trail connecting to the

Montlake Commuity Center parking lot.


Carl encouraged people to sign up to have input into the project.  Another meeting public

meeting will be scheduled in late November or early December to  hear more about the

progress of the grant and planning for the public access trail.  Contact Carl Stixrood at: or Ron Melnikoff at for more details.


Q and A with Frank Chopp, Our 43rd District Representative and House Speaker

Frank presented an overview of the accomplishments of the 2014 Legislature and then outlined priorities for the upcoming 2015 session.  He pointed out that currently there is no funding for the Westside portion of SR 520 in the Transportation budget. 


This presentation was followed by a lively question and answer period between Frank and those attending the meeting. 


8:10 PM  The meeting was adjourned by Pete Delaunay

Respectively submitted,

Joan Stewart, Secretary


Portage Bay/Roanoke Park Community Council Minutes

Monday, May 13, 2014

7 PM at the Queen City Yacht Club


Pete Delaunay, Council president opened the meeting at 7 PM


Treasurer’s Report by Walter Oelwein

Overall Balance                     $21,260.88

General funds available          $5,338.47


Allocated funds:

Roanoke  Park                        $1,050.57

Astrid’s Park                            $1,310.97

Elms Fund                               $13,560.87


Neighborhood Summit


Pete reported on Mayor Murray’s Neighborhood Summit, which Pete attended.

Lyle Bicknell, the lead designer for the Department of Planning and Design, has been

appointed by the mayor to be our neighborhood’s liaison to WSDOT and the SR-520 project.  Lorena Eng with WSDOT has been very helpful, as we have been developing a neighborhood plan for the space beneath SR 520 at Boyer Ave. E.


Reporting of recent Board Actions Pete Delaunay


A letter of support was sent to the Honorable Anthony Foxx, Secretary of the US

Department of Transportation, in support of funding for a federal grant request, submitted by the University of Washington, for the Burke-Gilman trail improvement project.  When the Light Rail Station near Husky Stadium is completed there will be increased bike

and pedestrian traffic on the trail.  The improvement project will help make modifications 

to the trail which will increase safety for all.


A letter was sent to ARCH (Activists Remembered Celebrated and Honored) in support

for the ARCH group’s ‘Ramp to Nowhere’ project.  A piece of the unfinished ramp of the RH Thomson Expressway will be preserved and made into a memorial to honor the citizen activists who protested and prevented the expressway from being built in the late 1960ies and early 19, 70ies.  This expressway would have cut through the Arboretum and extended south and north from the Central Area all the way to Lake City. 


RESPECT SEATTLE Pete announced the beginning of a new e-newsletter which will be sent out monthly to inform the community of the progress of the SR 520 Project.  If you wish to receive this newsletter, please contact Pete at


Transportation Committee

Ted Lane reported on the status of SR- 520.  WSDOT will be pushing for full funding of

SR-520 in the Fall of 2014.  They will be lobbying the legislature to secure the necessary 2.4 billion that will be needed to fund the west side (our side) of the project.  Pete urged

the importance of our community having a back up plan (Plan B) in place should WSDOT not receive full funding.  At the moment a viable Plan B for our neighborhood and Montlake and Capitol Hill has not been developed.  Possibilities include repair of the Portage Bay Bridge, and a review of the entire arterial system which includes 10th Ave. East, Roanoke Ave. E. Harvard Ave. East, Fuhrman Ave. Boyer Ave. East, East Delmar, Ave   and 23rd Ave East.  Currently there is no final bridge design for the Portage Bay Bridge, and no clear descriptions of mitigation that will be funded if the project goes forward. 


It will be important to maintain a constructive dialogue with WSDOT in the months to come.  Pete suggested three questions that might be raised immediately

  • Address the questions concerning traffic management in our neighborhoods with     SDOT.

  • Discuss mitigation of construction impacts during the WABN project.

  • Discuss air quality concerns during and after WABN construction.


Neighborhood Planning Grant

Ron Melnikoff and Carl Stixrood presented the plan for a neighborhood grant to upgrade

the area beneath SR-520 and Boyer Ave. E. The goal will be to open public access to the area by improving a trail that leads from Delmar across Seattle Prep property down to Boyer Ave. beneath the Portage Bay Bridge.  The initial grant which is to be submitted by June 2nd will the first of three grants submitted which, hopefully, will include funding for design as well as for planning and implementation.  Since the property is owned by Seattle Prep, WSDOT and SDOT, it will be essential to have consensus for all three in order to complete this project. The goal is to deter encampments and loitering through  designing an area that will be frequented and enjoyed by the neighborhood and Seattle Prep students.  SDOT does not want trees removed since they are necessary for erosion control of the steep hill.  Selective pruning was suggested, especially of the hedge at the lookout from above at Roanoke. 


 Roanoke Park Maintenance

Gerry Conley made an impassioned plea for help in maintaining the gardens at Roanoke Park.  He reminded the council that the majority of the work being done at the park is carried out by a small number of very committed neighbors, some who live directly across from the park.  It has taken a great deal of effort, over the past 30 years, to transform the park into the showcase it is today.  Gerry raised the question of how, we as

a community, can encourage more young families in the neighborhood to participate in the upkeep of the park.  Help is needed during the summer months to water as well as to continue weeding.  The older generations of park stewards need the infusion of youthful energy and commitment to sustain this park in the months and years moving forward.  Anyone who is interested is encouraged to contact Gerry Conley at 322-0427. 


Disaster Preparedness and Response

Barbara Krieger reminded everyone that it is essential to have three days worth of supplies in the aftermath of a disaster.  These include: water, blankets, food, a safe light source, sturdy shoes, gloves, medicine, information for contacting people, battery radio and can opener for canned food like beans, etc. 


Cathy Garrison reminded people to have a ‘go to bag’ ready as well as an emergency kit in your car.  Gloves and goggles may be of help as well as flashlights and cell phones.  If you have a pet you need to provide for it too.  She suggested having a locked box in a central neighborhood location that would contain tools for emergency use.


Gerry Conley recommended having a way to filter water if our supply is cut off.  He wondered whether the springs that flow downhill, underground could be tested to see whether it might be potable.


University Food Bank Report

The director of the University District Food Bank, Mea, reported that the Food Bank located at 47th and University serves 1100 families per week in 4 zip codes. After 30 years it is moving in the summer to a much larger space at 50th and Roosevelt where they will integrate services (counseling, health services) with getting food.  They really help our neighborhood and community. A capital campaign is underway to fund the new building and Kiwanis has agreed to match contributions to the campaign.  Contributions may be sent to University District Food Bank, 4731 47th Ave. NE Seattle, WA 98105. Donations are tax deductible.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm by Pete Delaunay


A Charlie Chaplin silent film was shown from 6:30 pm to 7 pm on the big screen at QCYC for anyone who arrived early.  If you enjoyed this addition to the evening, please let Pete and Wendy Delaunay know so that another movie might be shown at a future meeting. 


Portage Bay/Roanoke Park Community Council Minutes

Monday, January 27, 2014


Introduction of the meeting by President, Pete Delaunay

The meeting was called to Order by President, Pete Delaunay, at 7:00 pm in the Social Hall of St. Patrick’s Church. Pete announced the topics to be covered and set a time limit of 5 minutes for each presentation. 


Minutes from October 7, 2013 by secretary, Joan Stewart

These may be reviewed on the new Community Council website:Go to: www.pbrpcommunity


Treasurer’s Report by treasurer, Walter Oelwein

Overall Balance                        $24,478.58

General Funds Available          $5,560.15

Roanoke Park                          $1,060.57

Astrid’s Park                             $1,275.97

Elms Fund                                $16,591.87


Walter announced that it is time to renew membership in the PB/RP Community Council. $15.00 for an individual or $25.00 for a family. 

There are two payment options: 

Pay by check to a secure mail box: Please send checks to:


117 E. Louisa St. #220

Seattle, WA 98102


Pay by Credit Card via Pay Pal

Go to

Choose on “Make a Payment “ from the “Buy” drop-down menu

In the “From” email address enter your email address

In the “To” email address, enter the PB/PR PayPal Email address:

If you have a PayPal account: Enter your password and pay with a credit card on you PayPal balance.

If you do not have PayPal account: You will be asked to create one(no charge) You can then pay with a credit card.


NE District Council Rep Barbara Krieger

Barbara is our representative to the NE District Council. When asked about advice for a future neighborhood grant proposal from our community council she suggested that that any grant that the community council might submit for a neighborhood project should pay close attention to the “presentation” as well as to an appropriate budget proposal. At present a proposal is being considered that focuses on “crime prevention through landscape design” in the area under the Portage Bay Bridge, as well as under I-5 at Harvard and Allison. Both have been significantly impacted by encampments, graffiti and hazardous trash. Ron Melnicoff and Carl Stixrood are researching this project.At a subsequent meeting it was decided that the deadline of Feb 3rd for submission of a grant could not be met and will instead be submitted in June 2014.


Disaster Preparedness and Response Update Barbara Krieger Cathy Garrison

Barbara urged the formation of a committee to work towards developing a disaster plan for our community. She has already gathered data from some people identifying special skills and specials needs that will need to be addressed if a disaster occurs. Some neighborhoods (West Seattle, Ballard, Magnolia, Queen Anne) have already completed plans and may be consulted as models to follow for one for our own neighborhood. She and Cathy Garrison will contact the following sites which might be used as centers or (HUBS) for our community.:

North of SR 520 :St. Patrick’s Church, The Queen City Yacht Club,

South of SR 520: Montlake Community Center and St. Demetrious Church.


Barbara explained that many volunteers will be needed to educate neighbors, block by block, on emergency preparedness.


Cathy Garrison, Co- Chair of the Committee, has completed the City of Seattle’s Disaster Preparedness Training and will work with Barbara to develop a plan for our PB/RP community. She brought examples of first aid kits, snap lights, fire extinguishers, etc. which she received during her training. She suggested Sanderson Supply, located at Lander and Airport Way as a great resource for procuring disaster supplies.


The following people signed up to participate in the Disaster Preparedness Committee;They plan to begin meeting in March or April.

Barbara Krieger and Cathy Garrison Co-Chairs

Kari Olson, Catherine Slaton, Karen Lang, Anne Preston, Cheryl Thomas, Joan Stewart


PB/RP Community Council Volunteer Opportunities

Roanoke Park Volunteer Work Parties

Gerry Conley coordinates the work parties at Roanoke Park, usually once or twice a month. All neighbors are invited to participate. Children too. Tools and gloves are provided. Contact Gerry at 322-0427 for more information.


If you would like to care for of a small section of the park, a special flower bed, on an on going basis, please contact Providence Worley at 329-4438


Gerry and Providence have been overseeing our beautiful park for over 7 years. They would like more help from neighbors on a regular basis.


South Portage Bay Park Volunteer Work Maintenance Dates and Times

Saturday, Feb 8 ; Saturday, March 8; Saturday, April 12, Saturday, May 10Meet at the Montlake Community Center parking lot to volunteer for these work parties. Work is from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. Contact park steward, Anne Preston (


Transportation Report Ted Lane SR-520 Information

The Washington Department of Transportation has scheduled a meeting on January 30th 2014, regarding funding for the WABN (West Approach Bridge North) which would be a temporary bridge, constructed north of the old bridge and used until the final SR-520 floating bridge can be funded, built and connected into Montlake. This funding would be a Federal Loan. If this is not granted then WSDOT will construct a 1300ft. temporary straight road from the new bridge into Montlake. Apparently no mitigation would happen as long as the structures are temporary.


Ted thinks that since there is no funding for the west side of the project, and that it may be as long as ten years before this side is designed or built.


The recent Seattle Times article describing cracking in ceilings and walls in apartments and condos in Madison Parks was due to drilling close by for pillars for the new SR 520 bridge. WSDOT will be responsible for repairing these problems. WSDOT has now installed monitors within the nearby buildings to measure vibrations caused by the drilling.


Ted thinks that there will never be tolling on I-90 to help fund new transportationprojects. The residents of Mercer Island have lobbied the Legislature actively against tolls. He plans to meet with Jamie Pederson and Frank Chopp to inform them of the safety hazard of the Portage Bay viaduct. It is not earthquake proof. He will inquire whether there is FEMA money available to retro fit the Portage Bay Bridge for safety.


Neighborhood Safety Report Pete Delaunay

There is now a “no trespass “ enforcement under SR-520 just opposite the Queen City Yacht Club. In addition the area has been cleared and new lighting has been installed.As a result of new rules enforcing the Clean Water Act, the drains from SR 520 to the area beneath the bridge are being cleaned and new catch basins are being created beneath the supporting pillars of the bridge. In the past the water from the bridge has just run down pipes that were open and flowed into Portage Bay.


The Portage Bayshore Condominums has asked an environmental engineering firm to estimate the cost of testing silt and removing it from Portage Bay.


There was a recent incident in the neighborhood of an assault of a woman on Fuhrman Ave. Pete reminded us to call 911 to report any suspicious activity.


SR-520 /I-5 Public Safety, Access and Landscaping cancepts. Ron Melnikoff

Ron , John Gaines and Carl Stixrood are researching and developing ideas for a grant proposal for improving the area under SR-520 and beneath I-5 at Allison. One idea is to develop a gravel trail from Delmar Dr., below Seattle Prep, through the area under 520 down to Boyer Ave. E


Using landscape design as a method to prevent crime is one idea that us being considered. The February 3, 2014 submission deadline is impossible for this proposal to be completed. The committee plans to submit their proposal for the next deadline in June, 2014.


New Business Pete Delaunay

Members of the CC met with Tammy Dunakin during a site visit on Sunday, Jan 26th to assess the feasibility of using her goats to further clean out the area under SR-520. Her business is called “Rent-a Ruminant.” Carl Stixrood sent her a map designating square footage of the area to be cleared, and she will return an estimate of the potential cost. She has a herd of 120 goats on Vashon Island and would be available to come sometime in July or August to do the clearing. Pete announced that a special event called “Goats Gone Wild” will be planned in the Spring at the Queen City Yacht Club to raise funds for this project. Tammy will attend and givea power point presentation of her work.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm 

Respectfully submitted by Joan Stewart



Portage Bay/Roanoke Park Community Council Meeting Minutes

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